"Jurisprudence and Hermeneutics"
(May 16-17, 2008, University of Zurich

The subject of this congress is closely related to the question we asked at this year’s congress (see above): does Jurisprudence belong to the realm of cultural studies? For language is not just a means of mere communication – language is a philosophical category shaping our world. In the center of the discussion will be the following two questions: How can the world be shaped and changed through the use of language, and how do different cultures and disciplines treat and interpret certain texts?

In particular, three aspects of the subject will be examined: 1. The fundamental issues and the history of hermeneutics in Jurisprudence, Philosophy and Theology. 2. Implementation and execution of law, methodology, and theory of law. 3. Global or local hermeneutics of law (comparison between European, Japanese, Islamic, and Chinese hermeneutics).

At this interdisciplinary and international congress speeches will be held by the following Experts from Germany, Japan, and Switzerland: Emil Angehrn (Basel), Andrea Büchler (Zurich), Werner Krawietz (Munster), Philippe Mastronardi (St Gall), Stephan Meder (Hanover), Wolfgang Müller (Lucerne), Ulfrid Neumann (Frankfurt), Hans Peter Walter (Bern), Hideo Sasakura (Tokyo), Harro von Senger (Freiburg i. Br.), Marcel Senn (Zurich), Philipp Stoellger (Zurich), Gunter Scholtz (Bochum).

University of Zurich

Agenda of the congress